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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Suffrage Memorial stays due to boredom

Suffrage memorial to stay - Mayor
The suffrage centenary memorial will stay at its present site in central Auckland, says Mayor Len Brown. But members of the arts fraternity remain determined to move it.

Auckland Lord Mayor Len Brown has saved the suffrage memorial at Khartoum place in central Auckland despite the wanky arts fraternity attacking the decision because they wanted to remove the memorial to develop the area now the $350 million Auckland Art Gallery and New Gallery are open.

The Leni Riefenstahl brigade wanted to desecrate NZ's monument to women winning the right to vote where as Len needed to flesh out his 100 things in 100 days, so the monument to NZ being the first country to give women the vote stays not because we as a nation should rejoice in such strides towards social justice and equity, but because the wanky arts fraternity has about as much punch as decafe and the Mayor needed to tick shit off.

Which isn't to say Len isn't doing some good. He went to work this week on the train and declared that as a City we would increase our public transport use within a decade and floated free public swimming pools for all. John Banks on the other hand seemed to want to block all transport coming out of South Auckland while making any public swimming pools in Manukau deeper minus lifeguard supervision.


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