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Sunday, January 16, 2011

John Key: Pike River Quitter

PM denies reneging on mine
Prime Minister John Key has rejected claims he has backed away from his commitment to do whatever was possible to recover the bodies of the Pike Rover miners, saying all the evidence showed the recovery plan had failed and it was

When John isn't inviting himself to parties he hasn't been invited to (which is an eery repeat of his wikileak revelation where he pressured the US State Department for a meeting with Obama after Key had boasted to the media of such a meeting), John Key is quitting Pike River just like he intends to quit if National lose the election this year.

Now I'm no mine safety expert, (the Government fired all of them to allow the Mining Industry to 'self-regulate') but there seem to be a couple of glaring holes in the story John Key has told to the country which have been lovingly glossed over by a compliant mainstream media.

By handing it over to the receivers for the decision to stop any body recovery, the issue simply becomes a dollars and cents one, and in that decision making process the views of the family account for nothing, as was easily witnessed by the fact that they were kept completely out of the loop...

Pike River families 'kept out of the loop'
Families of the 29 Pike River Coal mine victims have asked Police Commissioner Howard Broad to carry on with efforts to retrieve their loved ones' remains.

They have also demanded answers about the police decision to hand over the recovery operation to the mine's receivers.

Families' spokesman Bernie Monk, who lost a son in the disaster, said today they believed Mr Broad and Prime Minister John Key were given the wrong information when they said it was too dangerous to carry on with the body recovery.

So when John Key said in November that everything possible would be done to retrieve the bodies, he really meant "everything possible until the receivers give me the hurry up" and apparently the "foreseeable future", which was how long Brownlee told the media that the Police would be running the operation was actually until January. Very foreseeable. Two months foreseeable.

So it took December and January to figure out nothing could be done, where as the receivers were given 3 days to decide the fate of the mine?

You've got to hand it to the spin department of the National Party, denigrating the wishes of the family, washing their hands of it via the receivers and John Key is still smiling and waving. The man is teflon.

I'm no sure who is sadder, the families of the dead miners or the Mining Industry who feel the loss of that $4billion in untapped revenue.


At 7/2/11 9:00 am, Blogger talanoa said...

Is this the same Mr Key who claimed the machine had "blown its guts" and had failed, when in fact the machine was switched off because it had done its job in making the mine inert
Is this the same mr Broad who announced the mine was just too explosive to re-enter when at the time of this statement the mine had been inert for some days and when asked if he was aware of this, looked puzzled and confused?
Is this the same mr Brownlee who claimed the mine was highly explosive, and this fact coupled to huge piles of rubble prevented re-entry, when no one knows the true state of the mine, but continued video shows no marked destruction thus far.
Are these the same famillies who have been kept out of the processw, rather being drip fed snippets of theory from "expert" via the police?
One would assume the famillies of the 29 would be considered "key players" in this disaster but have been treated like fools..that we are not.
Why should the famillies have to use legal means to view video quickly removed from play, that clearly shows little damage in that area of the mine, but police were happy to show us footage of areas that show damage?
The mine is inert right now, and has been for some weeks and work continues to gain further knowledge re the atmospheric state of the mine. still Brownlee and co continue the line of doom and gloom.


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