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Friday, January 21, 2011

John Key optimistic (again) about NZ Police

Police do 'wonderful job' - Key
Prime Minister John Key has defended police in the wake of a damning report on the force's culture and a much criticised decision to end recovery efforts at Pike River Coal mine. Mr Key today said police needed to make some changes but they did "a wonderful job for all New Zealanders".

Someone has upped John Key's meds and he is now glassy eyed and optimistic (again), this time about the NZ Police in the wake of a damning report into their culture which makes real independent evaluations into complaints about the Police culture almost impossible.

How can Key be optimistic about the NZ Police??? I mean sure if I was one of the wealthiest political leaders in the world I would be bloody optimistic as well, $40 million and a Hawiaan mansion would put a bit of a skip in my step each day too, but this wide eyed optimism joins a long list of wide eyed optimism from the supposed economic recovery to 'winning' in Afghanistan.

This vacant aspiration is visionless vision for a passionless people. Smile and wave Mr Key, smile and wave.


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