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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Social Development's incompetence justifies Bennie Bashing

Ministry's mistakes cost taxpayers
Beneficiaries owe the Ministry of Social Development nearly $1 billion and about half of it is because of overpayments, official figures show.

The total includes recoverable assistance of about $410 million, fraud about $65 million and an outstanding overpayments balance of $454 million which the ministry is trying to get back.

Unbelievable, we have this right wing song and dance about dirty filthy bennie fraud, which amounts to $65million (when compared to the vast frauds our so called captains of industry have perpetuated with their dodgy financial companies this sum is chump change) while the Departments own incompetence means $454 million in over payments are made. Giving poor people incorrect amounts and then charging them for the temptation of unexpected funds in their accounts is simply cruel.

How dare the beneficiaries get blamed for this vast incompetence! Those seeking welfare need beneficiary advocates to force the ill trained monkeys behind the desk to give the correct payments.

How on earth can we attack bennie fraud at a mere $65 million when the Department itself is culpable for $454million in overpayments? The myopic blame put upon the dirty filthy bennies rather than the incompetence of the Department proves that we love to bash the bennie in this country, love it.



At 8/12/10 9:37 am, Blogger big news said...

of course, the inept young journalist never bothered to find out what percentage of the debt overpayment was caused by staff, and what percentage was caused by beneficiaries - and non beneficiaries getting supplements - failing to update their circumstances, like pay rises, change of job etc. So even though you dont know either, why are you assuming its mainly the MSD's fault?

At 8/12/10 11:31 am, Blogger Fantail said...

My understanding is that W&I have no legal grounds to claim back overpayments because of the ministry's mistakes. All the beneficiary has to do is complain, and a manager will generally overrule and write-off the debt. This was the policy under the previous government.

Client debt is generally paid off in most circumstances at 5 or 10 dollars a week. That this essentially fairy money is being publicised shows how far National are trying to reach under the couch... after underwriting their rich mates and dropping $1.1bil in revenue from their "fiscally neutral" tax changes.


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