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Monday, December 13, 2010

Len Brown's anonymous donations

Mayor relies on secret war chest
Auckland's first Super City mayor was elected using largely anonymous donations, despite promising to lead an administration of openness and accountability to the public.

Of Len Brown's total campaign war chest of $581,900 in donations, $499,000 was folded into a single trust to protect the identity of those who gave money to help elect him but wished to remain nameless.

In the grand boulevard of Democracy, anonymous donations are a prostitutes handjob in the back alley, yes John Banks got more anonymous donations than Len, but that doesn't justify it! How do I know this train station from central Auckland to the airport is in the best interests of Auckland or is actually in the best interests of the construction companies who may or may not have secretly donated to Len Brown?

To have Len's people respond that Aucklanders donate anonymously because they don't want to be in the media is such bullshit I had to read it twice to check that was the actual defence - who cares that they don't want media attention, this is a democracy, one of the prices of that democracy is transparency, allowing anonymous donations means the hidden interests of those funding a candidate are pushed through Council rather than the interests of Auckland citizens.

Who is Len Brown working for? The people of Auckland or his anonymous donors? How blind is his trust? How blind was our trust?


At 14/12/10 12:33 am, Blogger Matthew said...

Len is getting taken to by both Tumeke and Whaleoil. Guess he is just pissing everyone off.


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