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Monday, September 06, 2010

The Metro Mayoral Super Quiz

Cheers to Metro for the invite to this last night and thank you for organizing such a hilarious evening. Te Radar really is one of this country's funniest MC Hosts and he provided the majority of laughs last night, the man is a genius and if you are a organizing an event and require a host, by the Lord of Mirth, give the man a call.

John Banks team consisted of Claudette Hauiti and Bill Ralston. Bill was looking nervous about being in public which is understandable now that he is the new force for evil in the NZ media scene while Claudette 'I have nothing to lose' Hauiti showed what a genius move by Michelle Boag it was to get a lesbian maori woman to front for the right wing, Claudette will be a genuine political force to be reckoned with - she is on Citizen A this week. Banks was that weird mix of medicatedly detached with moments of clever brilliance, he knew this wasn't his crowd, but he played along.

Len's team was the ever witty David Slack and the very clever Rod Oram. Len has lost a lot of the stiffness of his earlier performances and seems to be enjoying the campaign.

For me, the most telling thing in this election was the comparison of day between Banks and Brown that Campbell Live did a couple of weeks ago, Banks was small business meetings with bored white collar types, Brown was out amongst the people. Banks is all about private interests, Brown is all about the people - the issue is will those private interests who always vote knock out Brown's populist style on its arse from apathy. I pressed both camps on internal poll ratings behind the scenes and this was the real eye opener for the night, Banks people say he is even pegging, Browns people say he is ahead by 7%.

It will be a fascinating race and I wonder how dirty it will get in those final two weeks.


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