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Thursday, September 16, 2010

marijuana = bad, legal drug pushers = good

Study links Voltaren to strokes
A Danish study has called for the popular anti-inflammatory drug Voltaren to be sold only with a prescription, claiming the drug increases the likelihood of users suffering strokes.

I'm sorry, what? Voltaren increases the chance of those not thought to be at risk of suffering strokes by 86 per cent.


Hold on, selling marijuana, a substance that causes a lot less harm than booze or cigarettes, will get you thrown into prison, yet selling a product that increases your chance of having a stroke by 86% won't even get you a restriction on it's sale???

In this case the legal drug pushers are the danger to public health, not the illegal ones, as Neurologist and stroke expert Professor Valery Feigin told 3 News, the painkillers should be banned...

"I would think these studies [would be] the last nail in the coffin for these types of medication," he said. "I seriously would not recommend this medication to anyone."

...unbelievable, a product that lifts your chance of having a stroke by 86% won't even get a restriction of sale placed upon it, yet we can't throw enough pot growers into prison and placing drug tests in the work place meaning the sale of fake urine is now a growth industry...

For sale - fake urine to beat drug tests
Some shops are selling fake urine and detox kits to help people beat workplace drugs tests.

...as the ever brilliant Chris Fowlie points out...

"Random drug testing goes against the Bill of Rights and the Privacy Act, and violates the natural justice of presumption of innocence."

...to allow a product that increases the chance of a stroke to 86% without any safe guards while pot growers are thrown into prison, shows the power of the legal drug pushers and highlights the hypocrisy of the drug laws.


At 16/9/10 10:27 am, Anonymous Cannabliss said...

Cannabis is the most used illicit drug in the world. It’s a plant that has definitely shown to have medicinal value. It has numerous qualities yet lacks the funding and support of testing through the system so the govt make more money throwing petty possession crims into their overcrowded private prisons, while big pharma get away with selling poison like lollies.

If you use a vaporiser to administer cannabis you will reap the rewards of cutting out the carcinogens and tar deposits. And even more so when you convert into canna butter and use it in baking for cookies and slices making it palatable for patients who cant manage to hold down pills and medicine.

Now for those uneducated and blatantly mislead folks who claim cannabis causes mental heath issues. If you are predisposed to mental illness which does unfortunately effect a lot of NZ’ers then sadly it may only irritate an already delicate situation. But if you are not predisposed then it shouldn’t effect you in the way some people imagine.

Cannabis has never killed one single person, now that surely should be testament to its effects. Considering hundreds if not thousands die each year from alcohol related problems and one in two die from smoking, we need to address the facts that govt make money off these two poisons – making it a problem to regulate, with no accountability and too many lives lost.

At 16/9/10 12:35 pm, Anonymous Nikki said...

California's Proposition 19 referendum could be a very interesting turning point. If passed, it which would effectively decriminalise marijuana and, the legislators hope, help to solve California's financial woes by creating a new tax revenue source.

Here, The Atlantic comes up with a Prop 19 playlist:

And here are two recent items on the Huffington Post, the first of which endorses the medical benefits of cannabis

And the second illustrates a growing trend of senior police officers speaking out in support of decriminalisation (remember the retired Det Inspector who wrote an article for the NZ Herald a few weeks back?) This time it's the former Police Chief of Seattle promoting law reform.


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