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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Winston Peters just returned with 8% didn't he?

Foreigners made rich by elderly - Peters
Foreign owners of New Zealand rest homes are getting rich at the expense of the elderly, says New Zealand First leader Winston Peters. Peters told an appreciative elderly audience of 250 in Rangiora yesterday that he would ban foreign ownership of rest homes if elected to Parliament next year. He said 75 per cent of New Zealand's 870 rest homes were owned by foreign companies, and $1.5 billion in sales were approved by the Overseas Investment Office last year.

Sweet Jesus he picked this one brilliantly didn't he? Dirty filthy foreigners running our rest homes is evil genius isn't it? Note he isn't challenging the odd cultural norms that have us lock our parents up and looked after by someone else, oh no, he is jumping up and down about selling this industry off shore, he just won 8% of the vote with this policy alone didn't he?

I don't want to even imagine what Laws will bring to this Party, hard core crime and punishment crap that will make ACT look like a Christian outreach program?


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