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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Natural Dairy Holdings loves us long time

Crafar bidder launches advertising campaign
The Hong-Kong based company bidding to buy 16 dairy farms from receivers has gone on the front foot, buying full-page national newspaper advertisements to set the "record straight." Natural Dairy Holdings is seeking to buy farms previously owned by the Crafar family and reportedly valued around $206 million, which were placed in receivership last year.

When Bill Ralston isn't trying to get John Banks elected, he's helping Natural Dairy Holdings explain their love for us. Yesterdays mass adverts to 'set the record straight' didn't really set the record straight did it, because there still seem to be some issues...

Scandals hit Crafar bidders
Two of the main investors behind a Chinese bid for the Crafar dairy farms have become embroiled in separate scandals in China. Chen Fashu, a gold mining tycoon ranked by Forbes magazine as China's 11th wealthiest person, has been accused of not delivering on his promise to establish China's biggest private charity. His right-hand man, Tang Jun, has also hit the headlines for making false claims on his CV.

...let's allow China to rebuild NZ infrastructure, their desire to test out lowest cost capitalism in a Western market makes them agreeable, but let's not sell our land to them. If Natural Dairy Holdings can obtain massive no interest loans to simply keep buying land that is an unfair advantage we shouldn't allow, China doesn't allow 'foreigners' to buy land in China, we shouldn't allow that either.

Playing China off against America will become the real game for NZ diplomacy, if we get too close to China, we risk America destabilizing us as they will see it as an encroachment, if we get too close to America, China will become less romantic in their overtures to us and become much more aggressive.


At 20/8/10 11:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well no one can buy land in China. That's the defining legacy of the 1949 revolution.

So nothing to do with anti-foreigner sentiment or xenophobia as you were perhaps implying.

I believe Natural Dairy is a Hong Kong company.

It might interest you to know that Hong Kong's biggest baddest bank is HSBC - British owned,
and Hong Kong's prime real estate - Central's Lan Kwai Fong area - is owned by a German Jew - Allan Zeeman - who has been there about three decades, but only took up HK citizenship about two years ago.

So there.

At 2/11/10 5:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so NZ holds the balance of power? not a bad position to be in. lets face it, China needs food to feed it's growing interest in western diets and the millions of national citizens who have been part of the mass exodus to urban centres. the US...well, they've never been able to catch up to our high standards of farming practice. if we let them buy up large parcels of our land, they'll probably try and patent the clover in an attempt to destroy our agricultural system - anyone heard of what Monsanto's done in the U.S? Destroyed livelihoods and taken innocent people to the cleaners...Ah..the joys of capitalism (sigh)


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